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This Summer, Aug 7th & 8th, the most important discussion of regulating disruptive technologies takes place in Boston...



  Announcing the 2021 Future of Law & Technology Conference 

- By invitation only -

This summer a revolutionary virtual conference will be held in Boston where lawyers, scientists, venture capitalists, lawmakers, and legislators will debate the need for regulation of disruptive technologies.  Students from Law, Science, and Business Schools around the Globe will direct the discussion by asking questions and by setting up the agenda of the conference. The conference will also have experts who will discuss the technical intricacies of Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, Space, Biotechnology, and other innovative developments.


Boston attorney Dimitrios Ioannidis, Andreas Mershin of MIT, and Stephen Para of Absolute Magnitude of New York, in association with the Boston International Innovation Moot, will supervise this group of talented students from law, business, and science schools as they tackle the disruptive technologies and the need to legislate.


This unique forum will empower the future leaders of the legal profession and raise the technological literacy of all who attend. If you believe you have a place among the attendees, please enter your information below for consideration. 

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